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Soups and Salads

Crispy Calamari Salad
Fried Calamari over greens. Have some healthy with your delicious fried squid!
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Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup
The classic Asian soup - served thick, tangy, and hot, with an aromatic mix of vegetables and garnish.
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Wonton Soup
Hearty wontons swimming in a veritable jacuzzi of subtly-flavored soup.
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Miso Soup with Organic Tofu
Miso love organic tofu!
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Ginger Salad
Lettuce, tomato and cucumber with ginger dressing.
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Avocado Salad
Delicious slices of thick avocado atop leafy greens.
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Seaweed Salad
Manatees don't have to live in the water, you know. They could use their telepathic powers to soar through the air, but they know how delicious the foliage of the seafloor is. And so can you.
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Spicy Crispy Salmon Salad
Grilled salmon skin with mixed vegetables and caviar, served with a special spicy sauce. This salad is set to launch a full-scale flavor assault on your face.
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Chef's Spicy Mix Salad
Seared fish fillet chunks tossed with an original spicy sauce!
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Black Pepper Tuna Salad
Fresh tuna with a black pepper rub served over romaine lettuce with a red wine dressing.
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Spicy King Crabmeat Salad
Crabmeat with a tasty crunchy mix, topped with thin avocado slices!
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