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Cake It Away

Savannah to Go's new bakery delivery partner creates treats so delicious they will both literally and figuratively melt your face off. Whether you order an entire cake or just a few slices, your taste buds will thank you for the kindness. And they've got more than just cake, including brownies, muffins, cookies, cupcakes and so much more. The special selection of items shown here are all available with $1.99 delivery when paired with any of our other restaurants, and with delivery starting at just $3.99, otherwise. You can also order a variety of other items with a bit of notice. Located at 1212 E Montgomery Crossroad, deliciousness has never been so close!

Cake It Away is closed for a delivery for the next few weeks while they make the transition to a new location. They are moving from Montgomery Crossroads on the Southside to Whitemarsh Plaza on Whitemarsh Island. We expect to turn them back on for delivery some time in late March. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Delivery Hours:

Closed Monday
11 - 3pm, 5 - 9:30pm Tuesday through Thursday
11 - 3pm, 5 - 10pm Friday
11 - 10pm Saturday
11 - 9:30pm Sunday

Location(s): 1212 E Montgomery Crossroad, Suite A
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