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Breakfast Sandwiches

Fried Egg Sandwich
In ancient Rome, only the landed gentry was allowed to eat this sandwich. Flaunt ancient and meaningless social norms! Unless you are landed gentry, in which case, indulge in them!
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Ham and Egg Sandwich
A ham and egg sandwich is like a pig and chicken teamed up to make breakfast. The pig is committed . The chicken? Not so much.
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Bacon and Egg Sandwich
Thick strips of crispy fried bacon laid across a golden-yellow hillock of scrambled egg, the breakfast sandwich all sandwiches should be.
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Sausage Patty and Egg Sandwich
When the patent for this sandwich was applied for, the prototype used a radish-based vegetable hash patty. Radish shortages during the first World War led to the substitution of sausage! Tell that to the naysayers who thought we should have stayed out of Europe.
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Two Ham Biscuits Sandwich
“Two Ham Biscuits” was the unusually-named chieftan who succeeded Tomochichi. In a bizarre twist of fate, he also went on to invent this delicious breakfast!
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