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Crispy Calamari
To describe this simply as "deep fried calamari served with pickle/Acar and house spicy sauce" is to miss the very soul of this dish. Only one word will do: Calamarilicious!!!!
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Fried Meatballs
These awesome balls are made with ground pork, ground shrimp, and green onions. So. Very. Good.
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Three hand-made dumplings stuffed with a chicken, beef, and spring onion mix. Look over there! Where did the third one go? We didn't eat it, that's for sure. ... *chew* ... *chew*
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House Salad
Are you a furry, ground-feeding mammal? Or do you just want something light and refreshing before the main course. This salad's got romaine lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, and onions with your choice of dressing. Either way, you're covered. But seriously, we don't deliver to burrows. If you're a rabbit, your burrow had better have a valid address. This dish is served with...
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Fried Wontons
Did you want pork and shrimp, or chicken for your birthday? Did you want them mixed in a special marinade and wrapped carefully in a wonton wrapper with water chestnuts and spring onions? Further, do you prefer that your gifts are fried to a delightful golden hue and served with sweet and sour sauce? Yes? Good. We've got just the gift for you! Each order comes with five delicious fried wontons.
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Fried Spring Rolls
Look, you can eat these two spring rolls. You can place your entree on top of them and make a tiny, delicious cart. You can order a bunch of them and build the world's tastiest tower. You do what you want, but it would be a shame to let this wrapped and fried mix of tender beef, clear noodles, mixed vegetables, and cilantro go to waste. (This item comes with sweet and sour dipping sauce.)
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Summer Rolls
Two overstuffed clear summer rolls filled with lettuce, mint leaves, rice noodles, and fresh, locally caught shrimp. Served with peanut dipping sauce.
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