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Juicy Burgers

The 3/4 LB Matt Burger on a Pretzel Bun
Three-quarters of a pound of fresh beef in a hand-made patty on a pretzel bun with cheese, chipped bacon, onion rings, grilled onions, chipped tomatoes and lettuce, with BBQ meat on top and fries on the side. In the Winter of 2008, Smoke Station owner Matt Stallings locked himself away in a secluded cabin, along with five hundred pounds of flash-frozen beef and an industrial grille. In 2010, he...
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Half-Pound Cheeseburger
A thick slab of meat slathered with cheese and contained between two buns. Marvel at its marvelous magnificence, but only briefly, for you must still eat it. Served with lettuce, onion, and cheese with fries.
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