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BBQ by the Pound

1lb Boston Butt
Hey, you don’t need us to tell you how awesome a pound or two of butt can be. We all love butt. Pounds and pounds of it! Tender, juicy, succulent butt. Butt as far as the eye can see. Get some butt, won’t you?
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Smoked Chicken (Whole)
Whether you like your chicken chopped or pulled (and, hey, that sounds like a personal decision to us) you want it to have delicious flavor: flavor that kicks down the door of your palette and carries your taste buds off, slung over its shoulder in a fireman’s carry, while “Rock You Like a Hurricane” plays at top volume, even as a squadron of fighter jets screech by overhead.
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1lb Beef Brisket
Matt inherited the recipe for his beef brisket from his great gandpa, who climbed the high mountains of Nepal searching for the fabled Brisket Monks of Adjanti. Many shurpas (and at least one self-absorbed Hollywood actor) died to bring this recipe to Western Civilization. There is ancient wisdom in this brisket.
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1lb Smoked Turkey
Hey, our mascot is an anthropomorphic turkey. That’s all you need to know to understand how deadly serious we are about turkey. Mmmmmm, turkeylicious! Not only can you get this delicious meat by the pound, but if you eat enough of it, it will add years to your life. Good ones, too!
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