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Lassi (DRINK)
Here Lassi! Good Lassi! It's the refreshing yogurt drink favored by six out of five yoga masters, served salty or sweet!
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Rose Lassi (DRINK)
The classic yogurt drink with a light flowery flavor!
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Mango Juice (DRINK)
Sweet tropical flavor from 100% real fruit, kick one back with any dish from Taste of India for a cool taste trip to the warm beaches of the subcontinent.
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Mango Lassi (DRINK)
With its smooth tropical flavor, this lassi is precision-engineered to seek out the pleasure centers of your brain and gently massage them with its fruity, loving, metaphorical hands. Your brain will thank you, and your mouth will too!
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Masala Chai (DRINK)
Freshly-brewed Indian tea flavored with aromatic Indian herbs.
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Indian Coffee (DRINK)
Steaming hot and subtly flavored, this is the coffee that men braved the cape of good hope and thousands of miles of treacherous ocean to acquire - now conveniently available for delivery to your home!
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Limca (DRINK)
A tasty lemon cola imported from India!
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