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Dinner Combos

Savannah to Go's dinner combos make restaurant delivery easy! We've picked out some great combinations that take the hassle out of ordering - you can be kicking back and waiting for your small mountain of a meal with just a few clicks! What's more, all dinner combos also come with your choice of a free 2-liter drink! Incredible!

Indian Starter Kit
Set up your wicket and step onto the pitch with this great introduction to fine Indian cuisine! This combo includes four potatoe-stuffed fried appetizers (samosas), tender chicken swimming in smooth cream-and-tomato sauce over rice, and a hearty confection of saffron-infused rice with fruits and nuts. To round it out, enjoy an assortment of five fresh Indian breads, and two orders of a gulab...
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Heart of the Subcontinent
Journey into the heart of India with some of the most delicious dishes from Taste of India that you may have never tried before! Recommended for five intrepid explorers! Taste of India naan Peshwari naan Masala naan Chicken Kadai Lamb Vindaloo Cabbage Bengali Shrimp Patalia Boti Kabob One rose lassi One mango lassi
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Flames of the Tandoor!
From the searing flames of the tandoori oven comes a raging combo of spice-infused dishes baking hot they're sure to send you reeling through both time and space! Comes with naan and raita to help return you to the prime material plane after your spirit-quest. Recommended for three travelers of time and space. Three orders of naan Three orders of raita Lamb Vindaloo Shrimp Jalfrezi Vegetable...
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