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Chutneys are the perfect compliment for any delicious Indian dish! Choose from red, green, or brown!
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Cup of Dal
Bowl of Indian lentils tempered with Indian condiments and flavored with cilantro.
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Masala Vegetables
An assortment of fresh vegetables sautéd in spices.
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So thin they seem to defy the natural aspects of three-dimensional space, these crispy Indian “chips” are made from urad dal, flour, salt, asafetida, pepper, edible oil and other spices. What other spices? A pinch of crushed awesome, a dash of the rare herb, deliciosa deliciosum, and, of course, a few cups of freedom. Order some chutney to dip your pappadums in for extra tastiness!
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They call this dish "The Lion Tamer" because it's a great way to help you enjoy the spicier dishes on the menu. Ratchet down the spice level with a cool bowl of sweetened, whipped yogurt with diced cucumbers and tomatoes. In case it wasn't clear, the "lion" in this metaphor is the spiciness of the food and the tamer is sweet, delicious, raita. Not sure where your tongue fits into the...
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Fried Hot Green Peppers
How good these things? In the 1991 classic movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, an unhappy housewife befriends a lady in a nursing home and is enthralled by the tales she tells of people she used to know. If the movie had been called, "Fried Hot Green Peppers" it would have starred Daniel Day Lewis as a misunderstood genius having an affair with the Queen of England, portrayed by Hellen Mirren, while...
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Masala Onions
Sliced red onions sautéed in green onion, green chili and spices. Sounds simple doesn't it? Know what else was simple? The wheel. Yeah. That's right. We just blew your mind.
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