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Captain's Platters

The Crispy Scored Flounder
Whole flounder, diamond-scored, flour-dusted, and flash-fried to perfection! Draped with Rakies sauce, chimichurri, and fresh diced mango salsa. Served with thick-cut steak fries and buttery French beans.
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Butterflied Shrimp Platter
A dozen butterflied shrimp, flame-broiled, or flash-fried. Served with island rice, and cool, crisp, cole slaw, and cocktail sauce!
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Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Pubhouse favorite! Beer-battered and golden-fried! With crisp chips, cool Southern slaw & tarter sauce.
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Blackened Redfish
Lightly blackened and cast iron grilled. Draped with island cream, blackened shrimp, mango salsa, chimichurri and Rakies sauces. With island rice and fresh French green beans.
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The Tybee Tuna
Sesame-crusted tuna seared to rare perfection! Presented around warm mash, cucumber wasabi, Mandarin orange glaze, and pickled ginger.
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Sandfly Surf N' Turf
Center-cut marinated New York strip steak roasted to perfection! 1/2 dozen grilled shrimp, roasted potatoes, grilled seasonal veggies. If you substitute a side below, please use the notes box to indicate if you'd like to replace the roasted potatoes or grilled seasoned veggies.
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Sally's Crabcake Dinner
Golden grilled Savannah crabcakes draped with coconut cream atop golden rice with French beans. Mango salsa, rakies gold, and key lime aioli.
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Filet and Scallop Imperial
Cast-iron grilled, center-cut, 6oz filet mignon with a golden-seared diver sea scallop, draped with lump crab imperial sauce on warm mash w/ zucchini turbo onion, parsley oil, and sweet peppers.
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Grouper Imperial
Panko-crusted rock grouper golden grilled. Draped with lump crab imperial beurre blanc atop roasted garlic mash with grilled zucchini.
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