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Extras and Drinks

We deliver these items for free with any other purchase that meets our minimums. Enjoy something extra, you know you want to.

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Phone Order
There is a surcharge for phone orders. Save yourself $1.50 by creating an account and ordering online!
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6-pack of Coke
Ah, Coca-Cola. They don't call it "Georgia Champagne" for nothing! Tell your family you only got 4, and hide 2 away for yourself.
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6-pack of Coke Zero Sugar
THE FUTURE IS HERE! Coke Zero, one of the best-selling zero-calorie sodas of all time has been UPGRADED! LEVEL 2: Coke Zero SUGAR is now available! Get yours!
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6-pack of Diet Coke
Nectar of the gods! Keeping people well-caffeinated since 1982.
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6-pack of Sprite
Sprite: because sometimes you just need caffeine-free sugar water. Also because Pepsi's lemon-lime drink is terrible .
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Utensil Packet
Make absolutely sure you won't have to eat your meal with your bare hands! Also useful for building a small catapult to launch your peas across the table or for fork-jousting. Includes knife, fork, spoon, napkin, and salt and pepper.
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Special Delivery
If you live outside our delivery area, but would like to purchase $100 or more of food from our site, we may be able to do a special delivery for you. Deliveries outside our area require advance notice and a higher delivery fee. Please contact us at (855) 728-8646 to discuss delivery options!
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Extra Special Delivery
For special use only.
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