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Eggs and Omelets

Served with your choice of grits, toast, biscuits, or sliced tomato, as well as butter and jelly!

Substitute egg beaters for eggs for a small additional charge.

Fresh delicious eggs, done however you want them!
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Eggs with Breakfast Meat
Eggs done your way with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or corned beef! For those who wish to court the wrath of the Turkinator, there's also turkey bacon and turkey sausage!
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Cheese Omelet
Cheese and eggs! Who would have thought they could be melded together into such a delicately light and delicious medley?
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Ham or Bacon Omelet
A sizzling omelet with your choice of tasty meats. Few people know that omelets were originally developed for the space program, after it was discovered that breakfast cereals perform poorly in microgravity. It's true. Thanks, NASA!
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Ham or Bacon and Cheese Omelet
Can the unquenchable flames of omelet flavor be temepered with piles of delicious cheese? Find out!
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Western Omelet
If you demand an omelet with spurs on its boots and a rackish angle to its ten-gallon hat, this is the omelet for you.
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